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Abertay Historical Society

Every year the Society publishes at least one book on local history, available for purchase online.


Many of our earlier publications are now out of print. However, their enduring instructive value and popularity have meant they are still frequently requested.

In response, we have begun a programme of converting these publications into PDFs which you can now download for no charge.

Mains Castle & the Grahams of Fintry

Sir Francis Mudie & David M Walker (1964)

The Tullis Press, Cupar, 1803-1849

By D W Doughty (1967)

AHS reprint 1 cover

An Account of the Ferry Across the Tay at Dundee

Captain Basil Hall RN (1825, reprinted 1973)

Early Days in a Dundee Mill 1819-23

William Brown, edited by John Hume (1980)